Forensic Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice

  • ISBN: 9781558102651
  • PUB# 9781558102651

Co-published by ANA and the International Association of Forensic Nurses

Forensic nurses share skills and a body of knowledge related to the identification, assessment, and analysis of forensic patient data. They all apply a unique combination of processes rooted in nursing science, forensic science, and public health to care for patients.

This one volume guide articulates the essentials of this specialty, its accountabilities and activities - the who, what, when, where, and how of its practice, for both specialists and generalists and those who work with them. The standards themselves - six for nursing practice and nine for nursing professional performance - are those by which all nurses in this specialty practice. Each standard is made more specific and usable by its set of measurement criteria, filling out the delineation of the perspectives and priorities of forensic nursing. The book's summary discussion of the scope of such practice - its characteristics, development and trends, education and training, its practice environments and settings, its general and specialized practice roles, its ethical and conceptual bases, lends a broad context for understanding and using these standards.

While Forensic Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice is a reference and guide primarily for practicing nurses and nursing faculty and students, it is also an essential document for other specialists in forensic care, healthcare providers, researchers, and scholars, along with those involved in funding, legal, policy, and regulatory activities. 2009/126 pp.

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