Sustained Improvement in Nursing Quality: Hospital Performance on NDNQI Indicators, 2007-2008

  • ISBN: 9781558102644
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Edited by the same expert team who created the initial volume (Transforming Nursing Data into Quality Care: Profiles of Quality Improvement in U.S. Healthcare Facilities), this book examines the experience of hospitals participating in the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators® (NDNQI) in achieving sustained improvement in quality of care, this time with an emphasis on achieving improvement in the nursing work environment.

Nursing staff from thirteen well-performing facilities profile their own improvement processes. Emphasis is on the wide-ranging potential in the job satisfaction indicators and the book also considers the broader context of a quality program through the editors’ introductory essay on key quality concepts and an afterword by a healthcare economist, who examines aspects of the costs and effects of quality improvement.

This book can stand alone or be combined with the older volume as an excellent reference guide for executives of nursing and other healthcare staff, researchers, NDNQI site coordinators, quality improvement professionals, staff nurses, and any healthcare professional concerned with quality issues. It will prove invaluable to better understand the ongoing contributions of nursing-sensitive indicators to contemporary health care.

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About This Book
Author/Editor: Nancy Dunton, PhD and Isis Montalvo, RN, MS, MBA
Published: 2009
Page #: 200 pp.

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