Mindfulness and YOU: Being Present in Nursing Practice

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Stressed? Feeling overwhelmed? Can’t get grounded?

You’re not alone. Nurses and other health care providers have immense pressure as a part of the job, and that can manifest itself in many harmful ways. What’s more, unmanaged stress can have detrimental effects on patient care and safety and lead to burnout — or worse.

Mindfulness is a powerful approach to self-care. Mindfulness means to purposefully pay attention in the present moment with a sense of acceptance and nonjudgment. But how do you get to that state of mind? Mindfulness and You will help you help yourself, your colleagues and your patients by giving you powerful tools you can use every day.

Written by Dawn Bazarko, a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator renowned for her expertise in bringing mindfulness solutions and practices into the workplace and to health care in particular, Mindfulness and You shows you how to integrate mindfulness into your life at work and at home. It also addresses the impact of stress on health and well-being and explains the meaning and thought behind mindfulness in the health care context.

Start your path to mindfulness today with Mindfulness and You and be happier, healthier and more effective as a nurse and caregiver!

About the Author

Dawn Bazarko, DNP, MPH, RN and Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, is the founder and senior vice president of UnitedHealth Group’s Center for Nursing Advancement and the founder of a new business called Moment Health, which is focused on bringing mindfulness solutions to the workplace, to health care workers and into health care delivery to improve the care experience. Dr. Bazarko is a registered nurse and holds a master’s in public health, specializing in environmental and occupational health, and a doctorate of nursing practice, both from the University of Minnesota. She also received her certification as a mindfulness facilitator from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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