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Tip Cards: Nurse Staffing

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Nurse Staffing 101 Package

New - Nurse Staffing 101: A Decision-making Guide for the RN

  • ISBN: 9781558104860
  • PUB# 9781558104860

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Nurse Staffing 101 Package

Nurses are often required to work long hours and night shifts. Increased workloads often lead to job-related burnout, job dissatisfaction, and increased risk for patient safety. As a nurse manager or charge nurse you are challenged with achieving appropriate levels of nurse staffing to achieve quality outcomes.

ANA’s new Nurse Staffing 101: A Decision-making Guide for the RN contains tools to help you develop effective and facility-specific approaches to optimal staffing decisions and plans. It covers the essential topics:

  • Historical and political setting of safe staffing
  • Workplace, safety, and quality considerations
  • Examples of professional nursing practice models
  • Staffing at the organizational level in terms of workload variances
  • Current practices and possible solutions for determining and achieving the requisite staffing levels and measureable quality outcomes

As an added bonus, the guide contains a handy summary checklist, based on ANA’s Principles for Nurse Staffing (2012) to assist with the decision making process.

About This Book
2013/32 pp

Download: Table of Contents: Nurse Staffing 101: A Decision-making Guide for the RN [pdf]

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